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Bonnie Patrick Mattalian
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Club Synergy Group Consultants
Proven Performance Improvement Solutions for Fitness Centers
and Day Spas

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Depth of experience. Quality of advice.
Innovative solutions. Exceptional results.

That's what to expect from the Club Synergy Group Consultants. For more than 20 years, our nationally-recognized teams have provided forward thinking fitness centers, club chains, day spas and medically-based fitness facilities the tools, support and feedback they need for breakthrough success.

We provide a range of services to improve financial performance, increase marketing yield, identify more targeted programming, develop your staff, implement and manage change initiatives and to run your daily operations more efficiently.

Our feasibility analysis, development and pre-opening planning is an industry gold-standard for new club success.

A New Reality for Successful Fitness Center Operations
All over the world, fitness centers, wellness centers, medical fitness centers and day spas will confront unprecedented challenges as communities react and adjust to the current economic environment. Many factors, including this economic environment, changes in consumer expectations, aging facilities and increased competition, will contribute to this challenging business environment.

Facilities must now act quickly to identify the critical issues and implement necessary changes required for continued future success.

The Club Synergy Group has broad experience working with successful centers. Our approach involves providing an objective analysis of the market dynamics, current operations and financial condition of the center in order to determine opportunities and make recommendations for improving performance.

“Unless you change something today, don’t expect tomorrow to be different”
–Bonnie Patrick Mattalian, President – Club & Spa Synergy Group

Bonnie Mattalian and Fred Hoffman quoted by IHRSA on as one of 30 selected industry leaders on "What's Important in the Fitness Industry for 2010".
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CSSG Director of International Services Fred Hoffman is selected IDEA 2007 Instructor of the Year
Bonnie Mattalian of CSSG recognized
as one of the industry’s top consultants
by Club Insider News

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